Rajshree Roadlines

Why Choose Rajshree Roadlines

We at Rajshree Roadlines strive daily as to provide better transportation service to our ideal customers. We constantly keep focusing on improving transportation service by making our service system more reliable, secure, fast and trustworthy. As a transport company, it's our primary goal to deliver customers goods on time, safe and secure. The service we offer is hassle free.

Best Service

As industry and marketers are entirely dependent on transport industry, we strive to provide in time and accuracy to help our customers plan their schedule.


Our services tells the result and getting more and more orders. As in these competitive we maintain our standards and take pride in better service.

Safety & Security

Material handling and delivery safely is our prime motto. We maintain Brand safety and non-pilferage of customer identity and sources of their inputs

High Quality

We match the quality of our services in transportation to the customers’ needs and to their most satisfaction and zero complain.

Full Truck Load

We provide FTL as per customer and party needs from tempo, truck, container to ODC. Vehicle will be placed from point of pickup to destination, and timely service. We take care of all the en-route sales tax and all other formalities.

Part Truck Load

We are providing part load services to various cities and having Branch Godown as per our branch list. Any amount of quantity we cater to our customer in industrial RM, PM, to consumer durable in timely and effectively.

Container Service

To give a zero damage and safety of material, we move most of the goods through containers services. We provide containers as per tonnage to our clients.

Logistic Services

Being market leader, we are better in providing service as per customer needs and requirements. Various categories of vehicles are supplied as per demand.

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